Thinking about adding a photo booth to your event? 8 Reasons why an EPIK Photo Booth is a must!

Fun for Guests

Of course guests will enjoy all of the happening at your event. However, while your guests take a break from tearing up the dance floor or during downtime from formalities they can venture over to the photo booth. At an EPIK Photo Booth, they can make a fun, silly, sophisticated, or sweet memory with friends and family that will last a lifetime.

Entertains Everyone

Regardless of the age group of your guests, a photo booth entertains all. Whether it’s old folks glued to their seats or kids running around everywhere, an EPIK Photo Booth will give your guests a reason to get up out of their seats and make memories. I mean, maybe your grandma was a savage back in her day, I don’t know. However if grandma’s hip replacement means she can’t hit the dance floor, you can drag her to an EPIK Photo Booth for some iconic memories of her wearing a boa and crown while making goofy faces with the grandkids.

Talk of the Night

If you’re looking to keep your guests raving about your special night for years to come, an EPIK Photo Booth is the way to go. They can socialize, bond, and laugh over the senseless props. It’s a great activity to distract people while everything else is being prepared.


Whether your theme is elegant or fun, EPIK Entertainment has you covered. We offer many backdrops to choose from as well as customizable photo strips. You also have the option to design and modify an EPIK Photo Booth to make it work with your theme!

Reminisce on the Good Times

Photo booths are the easiest way to make memories last a lifetime. With every EPIK Photo Booth session, your guests receive immediate photo strip copies of their photos that they can keep for themselves. The host has the option of keeping all photos taken at their event, which can be added to a photo album keepsake.

Best Party Favor

Having an EPIK Photo Booth at your event doubles as an extraordinary favor to your guests. Along with shot glasses and glow wands, your guests will have the opportunity to take home a stack of fun, silly photos that will remind them of the best event ever…#yours!

It’s Social Media-Ready

When anyone I know is having an event I love watching it play by play on social media. It’s fun to see it through other guest’s lenses. Seeing what the event looked like, what people wore, and more importantly how much fun everyone had via social media is the best! EPIK Photo Booths allow your guests the option to post immediately about what a great time they’re having, and how much they love you. As the host you don’t have to wait around for the photos from the photographer that don’t show up for at least a month later. You will be able to see all you didn’t see from your guests as they post to real time.

Cool Guest Book

This may be the biggest reason of all to book an EPIK Photo Booth for your big day. Though you might not even realize we’re doing this, you will be glad your booth butler took the time to make sure everyone adds a snap to your guest book while leaving a message around the photos. It’s a great twist on the traditional guest books and one that you will want to look at again and again.

Affordable Addition

Along with all the goodies mentioned above, an EPIK Photo Booth is an affordable addition to any event! With several packages to choose from, it’s never been easier to incorporate this super fun treat to any event.

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